The made in Morocco label: preference, perception and key decision factors for Moroccan consumers

  • Houda El Ferachi Faculty of Economics and Management , Ibn Tofail University of Kenitra, Morocco
  • Hicham Bouchartat International University of Casablanca, Morocco
Keywords: Country of origin, perception, key decision factors, made in Morocco


This research aims to establish the link between the country of origin (made in) and the consumer buying behavior, through the exploration of pasta consumption in Morocco. The main objectives of this study are to determine the preferences of the Moroccan consumers (current and potential) regarding pasta products that are made in Morocco as opposed to the imported ones; to gage their perception of the Moroccan brands; and to identify the key purchasing factors of the "made in Morocco” pasta.

Our methodological choice focused on the quantitative method known as a sample survey. The study was carried out on 105 individuals; 15 cities were represented with, however, dominance of the Rabat-Salé region, and a rich diversity in terms of family situations, ages, and socio-professional categories. The questionnaire was administered face to face in part and online for the remainder.

It appears that Moroccans consume pasta of Moroccan origin more than pasta of foreign origin. This preference is not explained by ethnocentrism as one would expect and would not necessarily reflect the behavior of an engaged, economically responsible, or culturally attached citizen. It is explained by intrinsic determinants such as price, quality, and availability of Moroccan pasta. For these same reasons, the perception of Moroccan pasta is rather positive. This perception is upheld by the reputation of the Moroccan brands, in particular the brands Tria and Dari (2021).

The results we have achieved are generally satisfactory, but slightly offend the findings of previous studies on the subject.


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El Ferachi, H., & Bouchartat, H. (2021). The made in Morocco label: preference, perception and key decision factors for Moroccan consumers. International Journal of Accounting, Finance, Auditing, Management and Economics, 2(4), 558-572.