Impact of the pandemic Covid-19 on Moroccan investments in West Africa: The case of ECOWAS

  • Asmaa Chouhaibi Faculty of Law, Economics and Social Sciences of Sale, Mohammed V University of Rabat, Morocco
Keywords: Investment, Morocco, ECOWAS, Africa, West Africa, Pandemic, Covid-19


The occurrence of the pandemic (Covid 19), caused a negative shock on world economic growth which exceeds in intensity that of the economic crisis of 2008, according to the International Monetary Fund in 2020.

In Africa, the rapid spread of Covid 19 has had negative effects on all spheres of sustainable development. In this context, the Moroccan economy and the ECOWAS zone have not been excluded from the pandemic either at the health level or at the level of sustainable development.

This work analyzes the impact of Covid 19 on Foreign Direct Investments between Morocco and ECOWAS, given that Morocco has now become the 2nd investor in Africa, after South Africa, and the first in Africa from West.

This document will present, on the one hand, a theoretical analysis, of which we will describe the pandemic situation in West Africa with quantified data, then the presentation of ECOWAS, and, on the other hand, an empirical analysis which will consist of studying first the inventory of FDI between Morocco and ECOWAS, for a period before and during the pandemic, then will present an econometric study in order to measure the impact of the pandemic on FDI between the two partners in the coming years.


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Chouhaibi, A. (2021). Impact of the pandemic Covid-19 on Moroccan investments in West Africa: The case of ECOWAS. International Journal of Accounting, Finance, Auditing, Management and Economics, 2(4), 220-233.