The development of human capital through organisational change and motivation

  • Zouhair El Arhlabi Mohammed V University of Rabat, Morocco
Keywords: Human Capital, Organizational Change, Motivation, Competence


The term human capital is seen as a key element in enhancing an organization’s assets. It refers to the set of employees with sustainable competitive advantages that increase the efficiency and performance of their company.

Some organizational specialists, such as Henry MINTZBERG or Michel CROZIER, apply the rules of human capital theory to prove their ability to create competition between companies by developing individual human resources.

Several studies have studied the role of human capital in the organization and its impact on the company and on the motivation of its staff, in particular those of (PAUL & SUSAN 1996) and (MORIN & AUBE 2007).

The present work is therefore a collection of knowledge and previous work aimed at shedding light on this topic.  This work indicates that the common index, proving to be crucial at all levels of change management in the organization, is human competence. Those who work in the core center of the organization need to develop higher competencies. It is important that these people have sufficient knowledge, information, innovation, adaptation and creativity to increase customer satisfaction and create a competitive advantage for the organization.


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